Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind

How does one get the distinction as a person who sows the wind?

Folly and vanity would be two words that immediate come to mind, for they will not only reap emptiness and disappointment, but sudden, irresistible destruction. If one seed produces and abundance of harvest, imagine the  destructive tillage, reinforced strength, and great violence that will come out of this type of sowing.  The word whirlwind should be understood that this is not a dust twister, but a mighty whirlwind. Usually with a harvest, it belongs to you, but  the whirlwind which we reap does not belong to us,  rather we belong to it, blown away by it, like chaff, the sport and mockery of its restless violence.

So how do we determine what folly looks like for example?

I think there are many cases where it is stated that the fool has said in their heart that there is no God.  So if we took a great deal of pains in the  worship of anything else, but God, and made a great stir, bustle, and noise in it, like the wind; were very vainglorious and ostentatious, made a great show of religion and devotion, and promised ourselves great things from it, peace and plenty, wealth and riches, all prosperity and happiness, enjoyed by so many other people like ourselves – I think we would discover that this was lost labour, it was labouring for the wind, or sowing that; for we got nothing by it, or what was worse than nothing; it proved not only useless, but hurtful, to us. For we reaped in return a whirlwind, like a vehement storm of wind, that would rush in upon us, and destroy us; so they that sow to the pleasures of life, shall from these same pleasures reap destruction.

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