There are individuals that I have met, people of such depth and comprehension, that they rarely take the opportunity, unsolicited will not join in a discourse even if it would provide them with some sort of advantage.

Gary B identifies this depth as an intense “purpose” of our life, those things that really and truly drive us on a daily basis, are deep-seated and difficult to discern. Many of us would rather “put on airs” and even lie about what “makes us tick”. We often try so hard to fit in that we forget to be ourselves.  Even if those “airs” are the strong, silent type.

But an individual with insight  realizes that what we see on the surface is most often a facade, a false front for what we want others to think we are. This “person of understanding” is patient and kind, and works with us to draw out what we really are, nurturing it when possible, correcting it if necessary.

People with insight do not take what we say or do at face value, but truly understand the inner person that resides within all of us.

I appreciate Gary’s thoughts but I think it is more about considering the counsel of the wise men, for a fool is always ready to give counsel—even when it is unsought— the wise man may be reserved about giving counsel, so that one must draw it out, as refreshing water is drawn from a deep well. That counsel which is deepest in the heart, like water from the deepest well, is often the best of all.

Here is another thought –

If you think insight means wisdom, then you might like this short story –

I am drawn to this.  With all my reading, learning, understanding – I can share and teach to my heart’s delight.  But to use insight, to be able to draw out from, to understand the right questions to ask that will facilitate an incredible conversation – Lord, I pray that I might have this gift and that I might be found by those who have this gift.

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