You remain the same

In fact, in the Hebrew, God description actually translates simply as, you are He, meaning The Eternal; and carry that through to one who has immortality.

Every thing has its life circle – its conception, growth, perfection, decay, dissolution and ultimately, death.  We may be able to restore some area with regeneration, but there is still deterioration – but not with God – there is no completion.

He is unchangeable and imperishable – He alone is eternal.

The everlasting God is also immutable in His nature and perfections; in His love and affections to His people; in His power to protect and keep them; in His wisdom to guide and direct them; in His righteousness to clothe them, and render them acceptable; in His blood to cleanse them, and speak peace and pardon to them; in His fulness to supply them, and in His intercession for them.

This concludes a rather happy end to our trials that we may be experiencing.  Though all things are changing, dying,  yet Jesus lives, and therefore all is secure, for He has said, Because I live you shall live also.

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