Have you been nourished on the truths of the faith and have been following good teaching?

You you have not been sustaining yourself in the basic truths of the faith and you have not sought out good teaching, mentoring, coaching then you are going to find yourself a little bit confused and messed up when confronted by those who wish to deceive you. With help from Gill’s Exposition of the Bible, here are some thoughts.

One of the truths that you should know very clearly is God’s love – that Christ‘s coming into the world to save  sinners is a faithful saying, and worthy of acceptation; that prayers should be made for all sorts of people, and that there is salvation for men and women through the incarnate Son of God, and that the incarnation of Christ is, without controversy, the great mystery of godliness.

We have been given a hint, through prophecy, that there should be a falling off from the doctrine of faith in the latter days; that this should come to pass through attending to erroneous spirits, and doctrines of “demons”, and through the lies of hypocritical, hardened, and infamous people; whose particular dogmas, by which they might be known, would be, to forbid marriage to certain persons, which is of divine institution and honourable, and to order an abstinence from meats at certain times, contrary to the will and providence of God.

Keeping truths nourished within ourselves and continuing to follow on good teaching, we need to find from time to time opportunities to refresh the memories of the followers of Christ with, who are apt, through negligence and inattention, to be forgetful hearers of the word; that whenever those who wish to deceive should arise, they might be on their guard against them.

All of us, to prosper in our faith need to consider ourselves as ministers of Jesus Christ. A minister of Jesus Christ is one of His making, qualifying, calling, and sending; and who makes Christ, the doctrines respecting His person and offices, His grace, righteousness, and salvation, the subject of His ministry; and you will be valued, who, besides having a good work of grace wrought in you, has good gifts and abilities from Christ, and who makes a good use of them, and freely and fully imparts them for the good of others; and being employed in a good work, you abide in it, and nothing can deter or remove you from it.

Another truth is the Gospel, called words of faith, because they are things to be believed, hold forth the object of faith, Christ, and are the means by which faith comes, and is increased: and good doctrine, being the doctrine of the Scriptures, and of Christ, and of His apostles, and according to godliness; and contain good things, which make for the glory of the grace of God, and the comfort and welfare of all of us. These are of a nourishing nature; they are the wholesome words of Christ; they have in them milk for babes, and meat for strong men and women; by which both grow and thrive, when error eats as does a canker. So Philo the Jew speaks of the soul, being “nourished with sciences”, and not with food and drink, which the body needs; and a little after he says, you see the food of the soul what it is, it is the continual word of God.

The very basic matter is nourishing; that is, either for ourself, or others; for though all nourishment comes from Christ, yet it is ministered by us; it is conveyed by the means of the word and ordinances, ministered by the preachers of the Gospel, who feed the church with knowledge, and with understanding; and none but those who are nourished themselves are fit to be a nourisher of others; for you have arrived to a considerable degree of knowledge of Gospel truths, and was still pursuing and following on to know more of them, and are encouraged to continue in them.


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