Don’t just tell them – show them too!

Leadership today is all about telling and showing – a leader that only “tells” will look back and find that there is no one following.

When you look at some of the major leaders in the Bible – they ending up telling and showing all the time.

Prophets had to do some pretty amazing “showing” at times to go along with their telling and Jesus Himself not only told, but used stories to show and eventually did the greatest act of “showing” by dying on the cross and then rising from the dead.

Who feels for Hosea?

Hosea was a young lad – holy, pure – preparing to be a priest and found himself called to become a prophet of God.  He was chosen as an instrument of God’s will – and that will was that this excellent person of incredible training and giftedness was to marry a prostitute and to have children so that God could reveal His message to His people through their marriage and through their children.

One so pure, united with one not so pure.

You know, Jesus did something like this for us.

He didn’t do this when He enter this world through the womb of Mary, nor when He took on flesh – for He was still God, holy, without motion toward sinful thought, workings, deed or speech.  But He the perfect one, united with our sins – past, present and future as He hung on the cross.

Didn’t Peter do something like this too – didn’t the vision of unclean meat come to him as he needed to go to the centurion’s home and for the first time, as Gentile and Jew met together, Peter ate food previously forbidden and unclean.  However, Cornelius’ entire  home was saved, baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues.

If God has told us to share the gospel, He has probably already asked us to show the love of God as well.  Let us also be ready to bear any cross the Lord appoints in order to tell and show the good news for those we live, work and play with.

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