Rarely do we think about strife when we think about prosperity.  However, when we find ourselves in strife because of it, we remember when we were better off with just a dry morsel – not because the dry morsel makes the difference, but somehow it brought along peace and contentment and especially, domestic peace and that was prosperity that you realized you should not have given up on.

In my mind, if I have the peace of God that passes all understanding, this is prosperity.

For even when I make sacrifices to have the things of this world, I find that along each step of the way, there also seems to be sacrifices to my peace and it is replaced with a little bit more strife than I had before and the balance beam begins to sway.

So the recommendation is that we enjoy family love and peace as a top priority for the comfort of human life, a prosperity not worth trading away.  When we experience affliction, maybe it time to look at our heart to ensure we are still on the right path to keeping these values as our top priority.

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