God gives knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning

When we take time to meditate on God‘s Word and He promises to make us prosper as a result, I think of  things that might help us understand a bit more on contemplation – which is the next step after meditation.

Contemplation allows us to frame what we have meditated on for useful purposes.  For example, if through meditation, God calls us to prosper in our bodies – we realize through Scripture that the act of self-control belongs in the area of eating as well.  We then consider a plan that will help us bring self-control in the area of our eating habits.

What you will find that when your body begins to prosper, with proper eating, exercise and seven hours of sleep – you will begin to succeed in your studies for there will be an improved mind.  However, not to take God out of the picture for I believe you will have a fair amount of success through your own sagacity and diligence, however, God does bless your instructions and your studies and shows you great favour in order for you to be an answer for some purpose He has for you in blessing others.

That is why we do not engage in the study of magic, or vain philosophy or judicial astrology, but of learning and wisdom, commendable and useful, both in things natural and political.  Why practice mediation, contemplation and exercise self-control to study things that do not matter?

Also, I found that the amount of dreams and visions increase as well – however, the truly blessed are those who understand the visions and dreams.  We are talking of course about the gift of God-given ability not the contrived and false art of magic.

May we all remember that God will honour those who honour Him, but those who despise Him shall be lightly esteemed.



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