When are you ashamed of your sin?

I think that somehow, deep inside, when we do not want to feel ashamed of our sin, we abandon our time with God – no different than what Adam and Eve did.

So therefore, the answer to the question is that when we spend time with God, and His presence is invited into our space, that’s when we know we have sinned.  For God is holy and we are called to be holy, like Him, and that brings on the feelings of being ashamed that we did not live up to His expectations.

Look at a life of a follower of Christ who currently is not bound by any ties to God and you will see a person running as fast as they can away from Him, trying to out run the “ashamed” feeling.

Yet, little do we realize that the feelings of being “ashamed,” as much as they point to how far short we have come from the model of true worship, and are brought to blush by them, it causes us to have true sight and sense of our mistakes, and the opportunity of immediately  repenting of them.

So when you come into the presence of God, you will be ashamed of your sin and when you do, remember that when Christ was crucified, and things were freely given to us of God, through Him, which are shown to us by the Holy Spirit –  they are what make us ashamed for our sins.  But it does not end there – this frame of mind prepares us for fuller discoveries of the mysteries of redeeming love; and the whole of the Scriptures should be opened and applied, that we may see our sin, and repent of them.

So following the Lord’s prayer, we see that worship invites God into our space, God dwelling in our space reveals our sin, of which we are ashamed, and then we confess those sins so that they are no longer remembered, seen, talked about or heard of again and we enter into an incredible time with God, carrying on in conversation to our hearts delight.

Being ashamed of your sin means that you have been in the presence of God.



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  1. To be ashamed, or to have shame is a great trick of the enemy to cloud our relationship with God. We believe His work at the cross, that we died to sin and he that died to sin is freed from sin (Romans 6). To subject ourselves to a sense of ownership, by calling it “our sin” or “my sin” is like a freed man telling himself he is still a slave. Conviction from the Spirit that (the power of) SIN is acting upon us is different.

    Christ said the TRUTH shall set you free.

    The Bible says He said he made you righteous, holy, complete, blameless in his sight (Colossians). If you are IN Christ, there is no guilt or shame and therefore no reason at all to abandon our time with God.


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