He does stir up people with His teaching

I think that when we think of stirring up, we think often of politicians.

Yet when we look at Jesus life, we see Him stirring people up and avoiding the political issues of His day.

Maybe except for the fact that He did agree with the crowd bringing Him before Pilate when they accused Him of being King of the Jews.

Jesus stirred things up with the religious leaders for certain.  His calling out to the people to seek a relationship with God was new and fresh, inviting and adventuresome. Yet when the moment of confrontation with them appeared, Jesus removed Himself from their presence and instead spent time healing the sick.  I think there was that one time, about paying taxes that Jesus actually had a longer than usually conversation with them – I get stirred up every time I read that passage and my prayer has not changed – Lord, I am counting on that kind of stand-up wisdom when I need it most in confronting those who are offended by my passionate spirit in serving You.

He showed His strength in character, purpose and ministry by making sure that when the people were stirred up and wanted to take Him by force and make Him king, He left to go climb a mountain and be by Himself.

He stirred things up with His disciples when they came to the full realization that He was the Messiah and at His transfiguration and yet Jesus told them not to tell anyone. That happened a few times with others as well.
Probably the greatest testimony of Jesus stirring people up came from the religious leaders themselves.  In thinking Jesus was just another flash in the pan, a new fangled leader for the day, they saw the movement ending with a fizzle.  But Jesus teaching, and that is all He did, changed people’s lives and they were not the same – they become fervent in their desire to serve God once they realized He wanted to be known.
Sadly, mediocre minds are always offended by passionate spirits – as Einstein put it – so really the ultimate expression of Jesus stirring people with His teaching came in a negative expression – the priests were so jealous that they decided to end Jesus life – not that they took it, Jesus offered it.
He did this so that people forever could be stirred, changed, living a loving relationship with God and enjoying His presence and blessing and being passionate to serve, to give, to lead, to tell the story to others, being salt and light to a world desperately looking for Him and needful of someone to point the way.


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  1. Nice post – You sound a little bit like an Arminien here. What is your church background?


    • I was waiting for that – yes, I am 50/50 on the Arminien and Calvinist persuasions – sounds wishy-washy but they both make sense at different times.

      When I look at my lifestyle – Arminien – when I look at my theology – reformed — my mother is that last living person from the Bullinger line (Heinrich from Switzerland who wrote more material on reformation than Luther) – but now attending Agincourt Pentecostal


  2. Interestng…

    Honestly I don’t see how you can live one way and follow a different theology. How does that work exactly?

    I’ve heard some really great things coming out of Agincourt Pentecostal though is that Van Johnson’s church?


    • Van Johnson does attend our church and from time to time leads our worship.
      On the living and the theology – it is actually quite simple – I live as Calvin lives and not as the Calvinist want us to live – more Arminien in his philosophy of life than Calvinism – but no one checks.


  3. So Calvinist have taken Calvinism further that Calvin intended. Sounds familiar.


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