Even if you feel you are bone dry…

I remember a certain stage of my life in my 16th year where I felt out of touch with God.  Nothing was there, no juice was flowing, nothing moved me and I was lost for a moment in time.

In one of those days where boredom overwhelmed me more than being in touch with God, I picked up a book on my Dad’s shelf called, Martyr’s Mirror – basically a complete chronological presentation of every known martyr since the apostles.

The historical writings of what took place was the initial hook that kept me reading – somewhere in the very early part of the book, I remember the description of execution – they would take two pines trees and bend them down toward the ground.  You, as a confessing Christian refusing to recant your faith were the object of those two trees as you had one leg tied to one and the other leg to the other tree.  They would let the two trees go and you would go hundreds of feet into the air having lost one or both legs in the process and whatever else would go with your legs as they were ripped from your body.  Once you landed, and hopefully you were not alive, but if you were, the same process would take place and this time using your arms….etc.

I remember ending whatever pity party, dry time, backsliding attitude I had – dropped to my knees asked forgiveness and professed that if these followers of Christ could give their lives for their faith, then following God meant much more than just a feeling and I asked forgiveness for my childish and pouty expression of faith and asked God to make me a man of God after His own heart.

No such thing as a dry time these days, I just say Jesus’ name and the Holy Spirit fills my room, car, wherever I am – and I start to cry because no human could stand and experience just being quiet and be totally loved, unconditionally, and not be changed, renewed, filled to overflowing with rivers of life.

The Word of God speaks to me, loves me, directs me, fills me and leaves me changed – each and every moment!  One can only handle so many moments…

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  1. Great post I blogged a similar sentiment in a post titled “Check for Blood” (http://tinyurl.com/3jwzbc6). I always try to remind myself no matter what I am going through that Jesus suffered worse on my behalf.

    Grace and Peace,



  2. What a powerful image, i must get a copy of the book…


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