Do you think about your children’s children?

Attended a funeral yesterday of a workplace friend, a fellow member of the senior management team, and a person of a kindred spirit when it came to the things of God.

I went to be part of the support system and left having been ministered to and blessed – for the family provided a testimony of God’s faithfulness in their lives.  I saw his kids and his grandkids in action and I knew they were loved.

How often do we make plans for our children’s children?

Most of us are just getting by today and are planning to let tomorrow take care of itself.  If we are hardly getting by looking after our own children, where will the funds come from for our children’s children.

Simple things like writing a Will or developing an estate plan bring these things a little bit clearer into perspective.  A tax accountant told me once that if an individual is a giver, and they have a Will, they are usually not in debt and the other way of course minus those two attributes.

God has a wonderful plan for our children’s children and I think if spend the time sharing testimonies of God’s faithfulness to them, and we spend time explaining the things of God to them, the funds will take care of themselves.  If God owns all the wealth in the world, and everyone leaves this earth without taking anything with them, I think God has plans for what will happen to it all.

Our parents have left us with no money whatsoever, but have been graciously giving to our children each birthday and Christmas etc. and putting those gifts aside each time has given both of them, along with working etc. a fund that will allow them to graduate university without incurring any debt whatsoever. We are thankful when we see God’s hand in these things.

Here is a web page I found that was quite dogmatic in its approach to the same subject –

So how do we go about leaving an inheritance to our children’s children?

First of all we have to be thinking about it and we don’t think we can do it all by ourselves.  By living prudently and decently, we train our children to do the same so that will not require our funds, but will leave them for their children.  Especially being careful, including living right and giving generously, to obtain the blessing of God upon what you have, and to entail that blessing upon your children, without which the greatest effort and frugality will be in waste.

Do not think about leaving this world’s goods only – your prayers, your instructions, your good example will be good gifts and the promises of the covenant you made with God and your personal decision to follow God will be the best gifts to give.


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