I will record those who acknowledge me

Those that know God, those who have given their lives to God – God notices them, receives them and records  their names.

Those that love the Lord, believe in Him, own and confess Him, and yield obedience to Him, and whom He takes into communion and fellowship with Himself, and makes His friends, familiars, and acquaintance – He makes a record of who they are.

The church of Christ is more glorious and excellent than the nations of the earth. In the records of heaven, the meanest of those who are born again stand registered. When God renders to every person according to their works, He shall observe who enjoyed the privileges of His sanctuary. To them much was given, and of them much will be required.  The gracious soul, in the word of God and prayer, find that all grace and consolation are derived from Christ, through His ordinances, to the souls of believers.



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  1. May The God who sees, understands, generates, and upholds everything in His Glorious Hand grant that “peace”, yet to come, to all who are caused to desire Him. And may His peace return to Him in fullness.

    Woe! Woe! Woe to the earth and those who love her! But the peace of God extended to His people is surpassing our ability to speak it. May His will be done.

    By His Grace.


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