The call is out there for us to be holy…

This is a call where we go “ya-ya” but pay really no heed to because we deem it to be almost impossible.  Yet God‘s desire, considering how many times He calls us to be holy, a rather deep-seated – yearning desire, is to see us be like Him and in this case, take on the characteristic of holiness.

Sometimes it easier when we break things done into simpler bites, and I want to this today, but understand, it is not in doing anything well or in not doing anything well that makes us followers of Christ – it is our heart’s desire to serve with all our heart, mind, body, soul and strength that makes us followers.  So take this list as a “I am on the right track” or “I never saw it that way before” or “that is one I keep missing” and then we are good to go.

  • Respect your mother and father and observe the day of rest
  • Do not turn to idols
  • when you approach God, approach Him in an attitude of holiness, follow the instruction Christ gave us on how to pray, be responsible with your approach making sure not to desecrate the holiness of His name
  • Whatever you take into your home as produce or income, leave something aside that you can give to the poor or the immigrant that lives near you or if you have a garden, let them come in and pick from what you no longer need (and you do not need everything)
  • Do not steal
  • Do not lie
  • Don’t be deceptive
  • Do not lie and then swear you were telling the truth using God’s name
  • Don’t mess around with your neighbours finances by fooling, manipulating or “robbing” them
  • Do not hold back proper wages
  • Don’t make fun of the deaf or the blind
  • Do not put a spin on justice or show partiality or favoritism to either the poor or the great
  • Don’t gossip
  • Do not put any of your neighbour’s lives in danger
  • Don’t hate other Christians – still tell them the truth so that you do not share in their guilt
  • Do not seek revenge or hold a grudge over another Christian making sure that you love them as yourself
  • Keep obeying God
  • Don’t try fooling around with scientific experiments that try to put things together that shouldn’t be together
  • If you are going to have sexual relations outside of the marriage context there will be punishment – make sure that you are sincere in your repentance and your sins will be forgiven
  • Do not eat any meat with blood still in it
  • Don’t practice any fortune telling and do not seek wisdom from the spirits of the dead
  • At funerals, do not observe the cutting of your bodies like some do and do not put tatoo marks on yourself
  • Do not encourage your daughter to be a prostitute
  • When you enter into the sanctuary of God, observe that it is a holy place
  • Not only do not get involved with fortune-telling but do not turn to them either for they will mess with your spirit and you will be separated from God
  • In the presence of older individuals, rise and stand in order to show respect and revere God
  • Do not mistreat the immigrants that live among you.  Treat them as if they were born here and love them as yourself
  • Be honest, making honesty as one of your core values

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