Just another caution to watch your attitude…

Lately, after talking for eons on the blessings, prosperity and love and grace God extends to us, all of a sudden I am getting these attitude checks.

This one today is to be careful that when we attribute our “success,” no matter what that looks like, to ourselves, and cease to recognize them as blessings from God, God leaves.  Basically with all our pride in the way, God strips away honour, riches, power and wisdom and that is because we have actually come to abuse them.

We talk about whether we can lose our salvation etc. and I think that we can’t but I think we forfeit all of God’s comforts a thousand times over.

The fall of proud is for warning to others, to keep us humble.  It is best to be a lowly tree of righteousness, yielding fruit to the glory of God, and to the good of all.  Such a person is a person that is marked with peace.


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  1. I needed this today. All too often in sales and business I get like this. When business is good I forget to thank God but when business is bad I beg him for just one more sale to I can pay the rent.


  2. I love this statement, “a lowly tree of righteousness, yielding fruit to the glory of God.” Thanks for a great reminder.


    • yeah – liked that line – stole it from someone – can’t remember who – it sounds a bit old fashioned so it might be Matthew Henry – he has some great summary lines that I use from time to time.


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