Choosing to be honest or not?

If there is one thing we work on as parents is to stress to our children to choose to be honest rather than to choose to lie.

There are all kinds of ways of doing that, suffice to say that it bears witness to our desire, as the teacher, to educate the youth of tomorrow to a high standard of integrity knowing that as they get older, the temptation could become more habitual than we would care to see.

We know that God‘s desire is for us to walk in His character which means He would like to see righteousness and honesty flourish in the details of our life.

In fact, the act of being dishonest is what is called an “abomination” or an act of defiance against God that leads to desolating destruction.  The act is so detestable that you purposefully set your walk away from God.

Being dishonest is being contrary to the grace of God; for though there may be common honesty where there is not the grace of God, yet there cannot be the true grace of God where there is not honesty; for the grace of God teaches to deny practices that put us at odds with Him.


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