What a great attitude!

When you spend time with God, spending time in worship, you receive this amazing sense of strength.  Strength that is given not just to feel good, but strength to believe you can do whatever God asks you do to.

The amazing thing is that we rarely spend time asking God what He would like us to do, even if it is just for the day.  An adventure is ours for the taking, yet we find “satisfaction” in doing – nothing but spending time with God and worshipping Him ignoring all along the call that comes in the still small voice.

And you ask – what kind of call or adventure would or could I expect?

Well, if your heart is set on an adventure, I know that one of the very first experiences you will be taken through is a time of travelling through the Valley of Baka.  Check it out, one very bad, very dry, very hot – with all the potential of being a very discouraging place.

But if your heart is set on the adventure, and you have the strength of God within you, desire and determination and passion combined is what you will need to survive.  The most amazing part of this first experience is that you will find that you will have just enough desire, enough determination, enough passion, and therefore enough strength to get from one spring to the next spring and each oasis bids you to stay and yet the desire, determination and passion to continue your journey gets you up and going until you reach the next spring.

And so you go from strength to strength to strength.

So if your heart is there, you feel that your strength is in God alone and you love to go and be with God as you walk along your journey  and you find yourself saying, “I love the road,” then you know that you also will be happy, be at peace, have an amazing sense of joy.


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