Can we all be leaders?


This gets hotly debated among my own team.

There is one group who thinks they are leaders and do not want to be in the same group that are definitely not leaders and then there is the group who actually believe they are not leaders, and then there is the group who do not want to be leaders – giving me my perfect marketing 101 split group of what people want and don’t want.

Basically, that means 1/3 love me, 1/3 could take it or leave it, 1/3 says “what is in it for me?”

But I am leaving my main thought – today I was reading of some pretty interesting cloak and dagger stuff.  A woman wants to be queen and kills anyone in the family line so that she can take the throne after her husband’s death.  However, a nurse grabs this little baby boy and takes him to the temple where they hide him until he is seven years old.

They decide then, that he is able to lead.  Proves my case – anyone can lead – if a seven-year old can, we all can.

Okay, maybe there is more to the story.  I know that a boy at seven years of age, would already have memorized the main laws of the land – spiritual and political.  At seven years of age, a boy is legally recognized as someone responsible for his own sins.  The biggest part of the story – his mentor and coach is the leading priest in the temple.

Okay, now you can lead – oh one more thing – the army is on his side – very important.

That’s it, if a seven-year old boy who has been trained in the spiritual and political law of the land, has the wisest, smartest, most experienced leader as his coach and mentor and has the support of the armed forces of the land – he can lead – and therefore so can you.

Maybe not – but if you are having problems leading it might mean that you are having problems resulting from the mis-use of responsibility.  A friend of mine, Paul Wong – shared this – “Many problems result from the mis-use of responsibility by a) relinquishing one’s own responsibility, b) depriving others of their responsibility, and c) overstepping one’s own area of responsibility.”

Interesting isn’t it?


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