Watch the attitude!

Sometimes we think we can approach God – lawdy-dah – and tell Him what we want, think, feel – with no regard to how we approach Him.

Fair enough, He is our Father, but I think we need to be careful – with our attitude.

When we look at the example Jesus gave us on how to approach God when we pray – the very first line is a “check your attitude at the door” type of line.

I think it would do us well to listen and do as Jesus says.

Back in the day before Christ, we would be sacrificing every day because of our sin that happened every day.  Those people looked forward to the day Christ came because they knew a day was coming where the law that afflicted our souls for sin, would one day be gone and we would arrive at a place where all tears, even tears of repentance would be wiped from our eyes.  And as Christ’s body was offered once and for all, sacrifices were no longer needed and no longer needed to be repeated.

So today, come into God’s presence because of His invitation through the work of Christ on the cross for us.  But come, knowing you have that invitation to access God anytime and before you start any type of conversation, take time to engage in worship and clearing up any thing that would stand between the two of you and then embrace your Father and talk His ear off and have fun!

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