What have you done with my money?

That is a good question.

Especially seeing that each person received a portion given to them that was indicative of their level of responsibility and know-how so that they couldn’t really lose.  See, the person giving the money already knew full well how it was going to be used.  He only wanted the opportunity to reward diligence and to see that the attitude of laziness and negligence reap its own reward.

We all have to give an account, at the day of judgement, with what we have done with what we have been given – what will that account look like?  Can you already tell that you have succeeded or failed?  What will you say or do?  How will you say it?

See – I think that Christ has given us gifts as well that will help us in our business.   Those He gives power, He expects service.  Every person is given the manifestation of the Spirit in order to profit through Him and since every one has received the gift, let them minister in the same manner.  Then be ready to give an account of that ministry.  There will be those who were given much and there will be others who were given plenty and most of us, if not everyone else, were at least given the gift of the gospel.


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