Live in safety, build houses and plant vineyards . . .

Talking about safety – I remember a story from a missionary pastor who spent five years in Indonesia.  He mentioned that, from time to time, there would be missionary gatherings for a time of sharing, fellowship, training etc.  The missionaries would talk about how their homes had been bombed, yards wrecked, homes ransacked etc. but were all thankful that God had protected their families and no one was hurt in any way and that all these events took place when they were not home.  My missionary pastor was shocked.  For all the time his family had been there, they were never bombed, yard was never ransacked and no one had ever broken into their home.  After inquiring, he found that none had asked God to protect their property.  My missionary pastor and family wouldn’t dare of leaving the home or going to bed at night without asking God for assistance and protection and a witness to the neighbourhood – and everyday for five years God was faithful with that prayer.

There should be nothing to make us afraid, if the powers that be against us are not flesh and blood, then our enemies are already conquered and we are under the protection of the hand of God.

When we are confident in this, then as a sign of our continuance in our residency wherever we may be called, we build and enjoy the blessing of our home.

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