Do you have wealth because you believe the end justifies the means?

Maybe I should identify the kind of wealth I am talking about as having a large abundance of riches in general and which are being used for abusive purposes and the affluence of wealth comes from fraud or oppression.

The possessors of such wealth, if they hang to all that they have obtain, will find that this will not profit them, for it will hurt them in the long run and in their course of travel, they will perish along with their money.

I know that this is the opposite of what one may think, but understand that no one can by their riches either redeem themselves or their family from destruction, or give to God a ransom for themselves; nor can they through their ill-received wealth save themselves from a corporeal death one year, one month, one day, one hour, one moment; nor will their wealth be of any service to them in the day of judgment, when they meet face to face with God.

Ask any family of how much wealth their loved one took with them as they passed from this life to the next – for we know that in the day of death, all of one’s worldly goods are left behind.  What do you think happens to all your wealth obtained in such a ill-favoured manner?

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