Really, open your mouth and it will be filled

I just preached my heart out on Sunday on the power of giving, which in essence is the power of believing and trusting, when I came across this thought this morning.

We are like young birds being fed by the parent-bird and the allusion simply being that God “can amply supply all your needs. You need not go to other gods – the gods of other lands – as if there were any deficiency in my power or resources; as if I were not able to meet your necessities. All your needs I can meet. Ask what you need – what you will; come to me and make any request with reference to yourselves as individuals or as a nation – to this life or the life to come – and you will find in me all abundant supply for all your needs, and a willingness to bless you commensurate with my resources.”

God is God at all times.  There is not a want of our nature – of our bodies or our souls; a want pertaining to this life or the life to come – to ourselves, to our families, to our friends, to the church, or to our country – which God is not able to meet; and there is not a real necessity in any of these respects which He is not willing to meet.

Why, then, should His people ever turn for happiness to the “weak and beggarly elements of the world”  as if God could not satisfy them? Why should they seek for happiness in vain amusements, or in sensual pleasures, as if God could not, or would not, supply the real needs of their souls?

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