The surpassing worth of knowing and gaining Christ

To be “surpassing” means more than knowing Him subjectively, but objectively, through others who follow Him, who know Him not only as God over all, but as Saviour and Redeemer and in particular, their Saviour and Redeemer.

They know Him as their Lord through that redemptions and grace, putting emphasis on the words, “my Lord” – expressing our  faith, our great affection for Him and believe it or not, our cheerful subjection to Him.

This knowledge is special, spiritual and saving – a fiduciary one, which is a combination of faith in Him and experimental, practical,  progressive, and growing relationship.

It is not attained as a gift of nature, nor through our development of our reason, nor through the law (Moses), but by the Gospel of the grace of God and through the efficiency of the Trinity – Father reveals Christ to us, the Son gives us an understanding to know Him and the Spirit is a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.

This knowledge of Christ is more than a general, notional one, more than that which was under the legal dispensation, it comes from God the Father of lights; it is a free grace gift, a distinguishing one, and is very comprehensive, unspeakable, and unchangeable: and as to the object of it, it is Christ, the chiefest among ten thousands; who made the heavens, earth, and seas, and all that in them are, the sun, moon, and stars, people and beasts, birds and fishes, fossils, minerals, vegetables, and everything in nature; and therefore the knowledge of Him must be superior to the knowledge of everything else; and, which adds to its excellency, it makes Christ precious, engages faith and confidence in Him, influences the life and conversation, humbles the soul, and creates in it true pleasure and satisfaction; when all other knowledge fills with self-love, pride, and vanity, and increases sorrow.

This knowledge is not only useful in life, but when we look at death and eternity, we realize that the grace we receive now is the beginning of our pledge for eternal life.

That we might gain or acquire a larger knowledge of Christ; and that we care not what pains it took, what expenses it costs, nor what loss we sustained that we might gain by Christ, or that Christ might be gain to us, as we found Him to be, and as He is to every believer; who by parting with all for Christ, gains much by Him, as a justifying righteousness, acceptance with God, peace, pardon, life, grace, and glory now and in the life to come.

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