Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it

Doesn’t make sense does it – by trying to save, you lose;by losing you save.

Talking about making sense – maybe in the midst of the greatest of danger, you might consider that the end justifies the means and in so doing, you have violated your conscience – by doing so you have lost it, where if you decided to only lose your life, not for your sake, but for Christ, you would be paid with eternal life.

If living for Christ is your reality, then the most probable way of preserving it, is to be always ready to give it up and then the hand of God will watch over you and that will mark the difference between you and other people.

I feel for those who have so much, that tend to so much of their possessions.

They will have to be willing to leave everything behind—their homes, their possessions, even their loved ones—in order to obey the call of God. Lot’s wifeturned back in longing for what she had left behind, and look what happened to her.

We may have to be willing even to give up our lives, because in trying to save our physical lives, we might be asked to renounce our faith.

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