Person who obeys . . . will live


We have God statutes, the precepts of His law, the law on Mount Sinai and He has shown us judgments – the nature, use, and necessity/advantage of observing them.

Statutes were appointed, fixed, certain, being of inviolable and lasting obligation.  Judgements were according to strict justice and equity – these were originally written on our hearts, yet obliterated by sin.  There was a need to rewrite them and publish them and to teach them and make them known, pointing out the use of them and obligation to them.

Should we do these things, we will live by them, enjoying all the blessings of a long and happy life – in eternal life?

However, here is the tricky part, eternal life is not to be obtained by the works of the law, since no person can perfectly obey or fulfil it, but is the pure gift of the grace of God.

If a person could actual obey all God’s laws, they would be justified “by them”; but they cannot; they therefore need to have justification by “the Lord our righteousness”; then, having received life, they “live,” that is, maintains, enjoys, and exercises this life only in so far as they walk “in” the laws of God.

The laws of God were designed to be the means of the outward expression of our spiritual life. As the natural life has its healthy manifestation in the full exercise of its powers, so our spiritual being was to be developed in vigor, or else decay, according as we apply, or did not apply, our in walk with God’s laws.

Here is a very interesting link I found – enjoy –

Here is a take from Islam on the same subject –

What a difference!



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