Integrity of Heart

When you spend a lot of time with God your heart changes.

As part of your change, you enact on the leadership gifts that come as part of that change.

You find yourself with an insatiable appetite to feed others.

Your character is a person after God’s own heart.  You do not seek for your own honour and interest or aggrandize yourself or your family, but the good of those you lead and the glory of God.

Therefore, the outcome of your leadership will be one of a pure heart or a heart of perfection.

My favourite blessing though for spending time with God, and I have shared this before, is that you find you are more skillful and intelligent than before you spent time with God.

I am impressed with educational facilities when describing their ministry of excellence, describing it was one of integrity and one that develops leadership.  I enjoy a theological institution that seeks to instill that into their students.

When missionaries try to explain the outcomes of their journeys, I love it when they sum it up with two things – they have developed integrity of heart and leadership.

There is a ministry in Brazil whose motto is “Pastoring with the Heart, Leading with Excellence” – they are fulfilling a leadership development need in Brazil among the pastors of the church.

Joe McKeever shared a message from Warren Wiersbe dating back to 1978 just before he left Moody Bible to become part of the Back to the Bible broadcast message titled “What a Difference the Right Man Makes!” Hopefully today he would have titled it, “What a Difference the Right Person Makes!”

Introduction: When God wanted to

–start a Jewish nation, He called a shepherd (Abraham).

–Build the Jewish nation, He called a shepherd (Jacob).

–Protect the Jewish nation, He called a shepherd (Joseph).

–Straighten out the Jewish nation, He called a shepherd (David).

That’s still God’s answer to the basic needs in the ministry today. Psalm 78:72 goes: “So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them by the skilfulness of his hands.”

I. God’s people have a need: feeding and leading.

That’s why shepherds exist for the flock. David’s predecessor, Saul, was not a shepherd, but a hireling. (See John 10:12-13) The opposite of feeding is exploiting.
If you don’t feed the sheep, they start eating things they should not.

II. God has a need: a man to be the shepherd for His people.

But not just any man. David was “a man after God’s own heart.” God is a shepherd, Jesus a shepherd, Paul and Peter were shepherds.

–A shepherd is a servant. No one has the right to lead who hasn’t learned how to serve. Novice’s profession is louder than his possession.

–a shepherd is compassionate. Psalm 78:71 “following ewes with their young”

–a shepherd is skillful. “the skilfulness of his hands” (vs. 72).

III. God’s man has a need: “integrity” — 78:72

“Integrity” means united, wholeness, oneness. It is the opposite of a divided life. (James 1)

–Jesus spoke of this in the Sermon on the Mount. “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” A united heart. “If the eye is single.” A united mind. “No one can serve two masters.” A united will.

–Put to death the alternatives. Make the decision once and for all.

–The result is the integrity of person, purpose, preaching.

I also follow a blog from Matthew – he has some interesting thoughts as well – enjoy…

The photo in this blog has writing script that is Japanese and is translated as Inspiration, Integrity, Open Heart, Happiness – I think it is self-explanatory.



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