If I am a person of God . . .

There are days when as a follower of Christ I would like to call down fire from heaven and consume my enemies – then everybody would leave me alone.  It would prove once and for all that God is with me, for me, in me and works through me.  But then, the grace of God would have to be removed from my life as well, and that doesn’t look so good for me, so I always take it back and say thank you Jesus for the grace that I need that enables me to walk with You.

However, that does not stop me from engaging in a nature of spiritual warfare that gives me a sense of courage and boldness to do things for God, to honour God’s call in my life and to stand in the gap and proclaim Him in what manner He wishes to be proclaimed.

For one thing is for certain, God has the utmost tenderness for erring people and when His presence is made real, all of us are in awe merely by His presence.

So what does the power of God look like today?

Today I hear stories of individuals who have decided to follow God and are serving Him in various capacities and they find themselves in very dangerous situations.

In all of these situations they either find themselves praying like crazy, quoting scripture relating to the protection of God, challenging their assailants through a declaration that they cannot touch them without the authority of their Father or quietly repeating the name of Jesus over and over again.

For those that do the above, I have heard testimony after testimony of God’s hand directly involved in their lives – many times their aggressors have seen very large men dressed in white surrounding their intended victims.

For others their homes are the only homes on the street not damaged by the forces of nature or men.

For others, their crops and lands seem to have been shielded when disaster struck all around.

For others, as their assailants approached, for no apparent reason, they turned around and walked back out never to be seen from again.

For others, ants marching into the home, turned around and marched right back out, never to be seen again in the home.

It is for sure a sign of God’s protection and providence in our lives – for sure.

Do not think for a moment that you are inclined naturally to call on the name of God in times of distress?  Trust me, you will scream, curse, blame God, cry, yell, or call for help before you call on the name of God.

Practice today, through every incident to call upon the name of God and when the time of distress is suddenly and expectantly comes upon you, you are ready to call upon the name of the LORD.

Be prepared to share that testimony with as many people as possible and be prepared to share and give what God has saved you from with others who are in need.

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