You cannot serve both God and money

The simple truth is that we should all be aware and it should jump right out and warn us all that this world we live in is not supposed to be abused and part of that is managing all our possessions and enjoyments for we will not be taking anything with us when we leave this world.

Even better, there is a promise that if I take what I have and do good with it, and lay out a pattern of giving, loving, compassion, I  shall reap the benefit of it in the world to come.

Even with such a promise, instead of doing good with our worldly enjoyments, we make them the food and fuel of our lusts, of our luxury and sensuality, and deny relief to the poor – what will be the cost of such a decision if we abuse such blessing in our lives?

We are but stewards of the manifold grace of God; and for we all have, in various ways, been unfaithful.

As stewards, we are reminded that our property belongs to God, we only have use of it according to the direction that He provides and for His honour.  As Rabbi Kimchi says, “This world is a house; heaven the roof; the stars the lights; the earth, with its fruits, a table spread; the Master of the house is the holy and blessed God; man is the steward, into whose hands the goods of this house are delivered; if he behave himself well, he shall find favour in the eyes of his Lord; if not, he shall be turned out of his stewardship.”

If we take what we have been given stewardship over and waste, embezzle, misapply or through carelessness lose or damage them and at the end of the day have not made improvements or gains with what God has entrusted us with in this world and for its purpose – we best not wait to be judged by God, let’s start to judge ourselves and see how we can remedy this today.   

 We must all shortly be discharged from our stewardship in this world; we must not always enjoy those things which we now enjoy. Death will come, and dismiss us from our stewardship, will deprive us of the abilities and opportunities we now have of doing good, and others will come in our places and have the same.  Our discharge from our stewardship is at death.   We must then give an account of it.

We know a number of things if we have found ourselves abusing our stewardship – we will realize that we are lazy, unwilling to work hard to follow after Christ and that is a moral and spiritual disability and we know we are not humble in nature and this pride equates with our previous statement on laziness.

So let’s try this – if a very comfortable subsistence in this world, shames our desire to be with Christ then let us look at the way the people of this world act.  They choose and have their portion, and  have lots of consultations as to obtaining interest and advantages with what they have.  If the children of God,   who enjoy the gospel, had as equal concern for their souls and their destination in eternity maybe they would –  imitated the principle of the world in how they improve their opportunities, to do that first which is most needful, in summer and harvest to lay up for winter, to take a good bargain when it is offered them, to trust the faithful and not the false.  For the people of this world are planning for the future, however, we, the followers of Christ cannot but see another world before us and yet we do not prepare for it, do not do our best and give our best affections as we should to it.

Understand that the world will obtain their gain through  fraud and unethical practices and they trust their riches for satisfaction and happiness – they will be deceived for riches are perishing things, and they will disappoint those that raise their expectations from them. We must understand that though money does not bring happiness, use it as a servant to pursue happiness.  In it is no satisfaction, but by making friends with it, by giving it back to God, to our friends, to the poor, we will be befriended.   

Though our faithful use of the things of this world cannot be thought to merit any favour at the hand of God, yet our unfaithfulness in the use of them may be justly reckoned a forfeiture of that grace which is necessary to bring us to glory, and that is it which our Saviour here shows,

[1.] The riches of this world are the less; grace and glory are the greater. Now if we be unfaithful in the less, if we use the things of this world to other purposes than those for which they were given us, it may justly be feared that we should be so in the gifts of God’s grace, that we should receive them also in vain, and therefore they will be denied us. For those that serve God, and does good, with their money, will serve God, and do good, with the more noble and valuable talents of wisdom and grace, and spiritual gifts, and look forward to heaven; but those that bury the one talent of this world’s wealth will never improve the five talents of spiritual riches. God withholds his grace from covetous worldly people more than we are aware of.

[2.]  Let us be convinced of this, that those are truly rich, and very rich, who are rich in faith, and rich towards God, rich in Christ, in the promises, and in looking forward to heaven; and therefore let us lay up our treasure in them, expect our portion from them, and mind them in the first place – if other things be added to us, use them with a spiritual reference, so that by using them well we may take the faster hold of the true riches, and may be qualified to receive yet more grace from God – to a free-hearted charitable person, wisdom, and knowledge, and joy.  

[3.] The riches of this world are not our own; for they are God’s; His title to them is prior and superior to ours; the property remains in Him.  Remember that we receive them from others, we use them for others, and we must shortly leave them to others, and we know not to whom? But spiritual and eternal riches are our own (they enter into the soul that becomes possessed of them) and inseparably; they are a good part that will never be taken away from us. If we make Christ our own, and the promises our own, and heaven our own, we have that which we may truly call our own. But how can we expect God should enrich us with these if we do not serve him with our worldly possessions, of which we are but stewards?

We have no other way to prove ourselves the servants of God than by giving up ourselves so entirely to His service as to make all our worldly gain, serviceable to us in His service.  If a person will love the world, and hold to that, it cannot be but they will hate God and despise Him. This person will make all their pretensions of religion based on their secular interests and designs, and the things of God shall be made to help them in serving and seeking the world. But, on the other hand, if a person will love God, and adhere to Him, they will comparatively hate the world (whenever God and the world come in competition) and will despise it, and make all their business and success in the world some way or other conducive to their furtherance in the “business of religion”; and the things of the world shall be made to help them in serving God and working out their salvation.

The matter is here laid plainly before us – so divided are their interests that their services can never be compounded. If therefore we be determined to serve God, we must disclaim and abandon the service of the world. 

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  1. That’s What I’m talking About!

    Two things I ask of you, LORD;
    do not refuse me before I die:
    Keep falsehood and lies far from me;
    give me neither poverty nor riches,
    but give me only my daily bread.
    Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you
    and say, ‘Who is the LORD?’
    Or I may become poor and steal,
    and so dishonor the name of my God. [Proverbs 30:7-9]


  2. […] You cannot serve both God and money ( […]


    • Very true – after 27 years of marriage, my wife went out and bought the cheapest faucet set for our laudry room – sure enough, hot tap started leaking three months later…stewardship of time and money was violated there.


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