Your Name is near

You have probably heard the expression – “God is good all the time” and then the response – “All the time God is good.”  Well this  could be said for this description of God to – “Your Name is near”, “Your near is your name.”

So our Father, being our Father, is near to us as to His presence, communion, and fellowship.  His works which are revealed throughout the world and yet so near at hand, and His Word which is as close as being in the mouths and hearts of His people.

So often when we pray, we pray for mercy and so we should – but we only occasionally give thanks once we have received it.

God is at hand to answer and do wonders — we do not sing to a hidden God, who sleeps and leaves the church to her fate, but of one who ever in our darkest days is most near, a very present help in trouble. “Near is his name.”

Glory be to God, whose perpetual deeds of grace and majesty are sure tokens of His being with us always, even unto the ends of the world.

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