What is it like to be in the presence of the Lord?

I think we see some of our OT expressions at this point – nature erupting all around – strong winds, rocks on mountains breaking in pieces, thunder, lightning, fire, etc.

I think we shouldn’t let those images go so quickly as they do remind us of the signs of the coming of the Lord to judgement, similar to the signs when He came to Mt. Sinai to inspire the people who were assembled at the foot of the mountain with a  dread of His terrible majesty, of the fiery zeal of His wrath and love, which consumes whatever opposes it.

But in these things we do not see the character of God – that gentle rustling, the tone of a gentle blowing.

See how our anger, even if we call it righteous anger and we call on God to destroy the evil in this world – you can feel the natural elements coming to your aid as you build up your faith to believe – but be aware, should God wish to address these people with lenity and to show mercy, it will be a still small voice, not rough, but gentle, more like whispering than roaring; something soft and easy.

So we see the difference between the law and the Gospel –  the law is a voice of terrible words, and was given with a storm of wind, thunder, and lightning, attended with an earthquake, but the Gospel is a gentle voice of love, grace, and mercy, of peace, pardon, righteousness, and salvation by Christ; and may also point at the order and manner of the Lord’s dealings with our souls,  who usually by the law breaks our rocky hearts in pieces, shakes our consciences, and fills our minds with a sense of fiery wrath and indignation they deserve, and then speaks comfortably to them, speaks peace and pardon through the ministry of the Gospel by His Spirit.


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