Did everything the LORD commanded

This is simple enough to understand – doing everything that God instructs you to do is a no brainer so that you can be successful and accomplish what you need to do and do it well.

The issue most of us have is doing “everything.”

Most of us can’t – and for those who know what I mean because they have tried – this is a very easy thing not to do – that is – doing everything that we are instructed to do.

I think we see this “feeling” in the garden with Adam and Eve.  They almost did everything, except decided to do one thing they knew they shouldn’t have done – just one thing – I mean, what could one thing done wrong mess up the entire system?

Yet we make decisions like this every day.  I heard of a denominational Bible College, very conservative in nature, and checked this number out with as many outside and inside people who I could – 60% of their graduates experience a sexual experience outside the confines of marriage.

They are in our pulpits, Christian education, mission fields etc.

Still answered the call to serve, but this one thing, everyone is doing it and it feels right…

Paul describes it best when he suggests that the heart is will, but the flesh is weak.

How to make the flesh as strong as the heart?

Can it be as easy as making a decision?  Make the decision to do everything – everyday, one day at a time.  Can following Jesus each and every day be the secret?  I think so, Paul suggests it’s so and he describes that this learning curve is possible but only accomplished when we make the decision.


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3 responses to this post.

  1. Sometimes following Jesus isn’t just one day at a time, it’s one moment at a time.


  2. Sorry, I’m just wondering where you got your stats from…and if their sexual experiences were before or during their Bible college experience…people make mistakes but it’s God who gives us the grace to be able to move on in forgiveness and still be able to serve Him.
    Sometimes serving God is hard and often when we don’t have support or the endurance to hold on that is when we find ourselves being captive to the influences of the world around us.


    • yes, I like everything you commented on – stats came directly from professors, admin, and students and the sexual experiences were during Bible college


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