Why do we have apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers today?

The simple answer is so that we can do the job we are called to do and since those involved in these five areas of activities have already – grown up – gone through the process, why not learn from their own experience and the area of expertise they have engaged in so that we can be part of the learning curve – giving and receiving.

We know that we need communicators who can provide insight and accuracy to the character of GodUnderstanding that character brings us from a spiritual childhood  to spiritual maturity, from being a victim of today’s crisis to being a victory with Jesus Christ on the battlefield of spiritual warfare.

Someone once said that the two primary activities we are involved in are in feeding and in being fed.  Think about the last time you were discussing with a friend why you decided not to attend church anymore and you are good with that.  Did that friend ever challenge you that the issue is not with being fed only, but in feeding others?  Could say with some sense of a high percentage of accuracy – they did not.

The church loves to keep you in the being fed zone and then complain that there are no volunteer available to take over leadership positions in the church as they come up – time to feed but the people have not been equipped to do so.

What do we have to believe to get us to understand both of these concepts?

A. God has a purpose in life for each and every believer.
1. Life-long purpose
2. Short-term purposes

B. To facilitate the believer’s fulfillment of that purpose, God has
provided spiritual gifts.
1. Spiritual gifts (charisma) are given entirely by grace (charis), and
the assignment of one gift versus another gift are not reflections of
individual human merit or demerit.

2. The purpose for spiritual gifts.
a. For the common good
b. For the equipping of the saints for the work of service, and for the
building up of the body of Christ
c. For serving one another

3. Who gives these spiritual gifts?

Some are through the Holy Spirit – 1 Corinthians 12:11, others from Christ himself – Ephesians 4:11 and others from the Father – James 1:17

What keeps a church from growing and prospering, from edifying itself as a local body?
When individual Christians fail to be edified and equipped, either through their own neglect or the neglect of the “feeders”, a group will fail to achieve unity and will not operate through the filling of the Holy Spirit in the sphere of love. This will result in a lack of “body” growth and effective functioning.
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