“Then they will know that I am the LORD”

This is what is so amazing – there are so many promises of opportunity to get to know God and there are so many promises that God wants and desires to bless those that seek Him – for those who reject Him, they too, one day will know Him, but not as an opportunity but in separation from His love and therefore exposed to whatever may befall them.

Eventually that separation from God, who takes notice of sinful actions, and punishes for them; to whom belongs the perfections of omniscience, omnipotence, and punitive justice – for sin always has it price – death as does love – life.

And so the principle applies both ways and in the case of deciding not to love – for example if we oppressed the poor and deprived them of liberty, we will therefore be oppressed and lose our own liberty.

In fact, everyone, one day, will know that God is God – I pray that you will know that through your journey of asking, seeking and knocking and not in the consequences of rejecting Him.

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