Now I know that you are a person of God and that the word of the LORD from your mouth is the truth

Took this interesting design from a sign off at

You can read the beginning of Elijah‘s documented life – the first chapter alone would have been enough to send most men home with depression.

So what does one have to do before people recognize you as a person of God and what do you have to do so that what you say in consider a word from God and represents the truth?

Well, Elijah went to the king and said it would not rain for three years and then ran for the valley.  He ran because his act of boldness would have cost him his life – not good enough yet for person of God stuff – obedience, but you could have been a fool…

Next, while you are in the valley, ravens feed you every day – very cool indeed, but not good enough for person of God stuff – could have been a raven whisperer…

Meet an old woman, of a different nationality, ask for bread, she responds that they only have enough for one meal.  He insists that she make him some and use the rest for themselves – oil and flour never run out – a miracle indeed, but not good enough for person of God stuff – she could have made a mistake on just how much oil and flour she had left…

Then this same old woman’s son dies – she curses him.  He takes the boy to his room, prays, the boy comes back to life – you guessed it!  Person of God stuff!!!

Finally…imagine if those men and women of God on our television sets stopped talking long enough to pray…might show their real character…imagine if our churches would stopping programming enough to pray…might show person of God material – or not…risky business, because if you say you are and are not…what then…technically no one should be following you – empty church.

If only people of God were as smart as this old woman…we could really see some men and women of God amongst us today.


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