Have you sinned unintentionally today?

Well, first of all, a sin is doing something that separates you from the love of God by choosing an action you known does not represent the character of God.

Did you know that you could sin unintentionally, and that an entire community could sin unintentionally – that only means that a city, town, company, charity, church and family could also sin unintentionally.

Did you know that a leader could sin unintentionally, politician, pastor, police, teacher, and boss?

Did you know that if you do not speak up when you are given the opportunity in public to do so, to testify regarding something you have seen or heard about – you are held responsible.

Did you know that if you thoughtlessly took an oath to do any anything – whether good or evil – in any matter that one might carelessly take such an oath – even though unaware of it – you have sinned.

Did you know that if you deceive someone about something entrusted to you or left in your care or if you stole or cheated or if you found lost property and lied about it or if you swore to tell the truth and you didn’t (remembering the half the truth told as the whole truth is the untruth), then you have sinned.

What to do with all of this – sinning – unintentional or not?

Well, in really, really simple terms – best place to start is to confess.  Simple enough.  Okay, once that is out-of-the-way, you actually have to define and clearly identify in what way have you sinned (hint: start with violating the character of God).  Sometimes this works well if you write it out – becomes clearly, more focused and not so repetitive (if you are going to write it out – hint: creat a cross out of cardboard – nail, stick the list of sins on it as an illustration that Jesus bore the pain, punishment and separation from God for you and became your substitute so that you could be free).  Then be free!

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