ask and receive; seek and find; knock and open

Don’t you love it when instructions come in three’s – there is something comforting about a system or a process and we gravitate to that more easily.

For the first time we find ourselves in the driver’s seat, when it comes to obtaining what we desire.  Usually we focus only our relationship with God, trusting that He will give us the desires of our heart and He only will move us, protect us, guide us, lead us and bless us with a “prosperous life” and our praise is there each and every morning for such honour.

Now we have the opportunity of engaging – asking, seeking and knocking are activities for the day.

Being called into the ministry of fund development, I trust these three actions more than anything else.  Can’t assume that the person who I engage with to support a ministry is going to act on the call in their heart to give – key word is not assume it is to ask.  Can’t guess as to the call and purpose God has placed on a person’s heart to support – I need to ask a lot of questions.  Can’t understand the passion of a person’s call to give unless I knock on a few doors and get a response.

When I leave these three healthy steps out of my process, I inherit three unhealthy steps – manipulation, coercion and bribery.  Trust me, not pretty – still effective as any one who practices these will attest to – but none of these actions involve the presence of God, therefore they do not bring glory to God.

Of course, there are traditional thoughts on these concepts in our relationship with God, more specifically, how we communicate with Him – enjoy such an article below.

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