The beginning of wisdom…

We have already made mention a few times that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and while that is true, how do we pursue this and what does it look like…is it an activity, is it a philosophy, is it a desire, is it a passion….

Before I go further, I really liked this site for its simple approach to describing wisdom – take a look and then we will go just a short step further —

Wisdom is the principal thing  – to know the true God, and what He requires of us, and for what He has made us; and to this must be added, to know Jesus Christ, and for what end He was sent, the necessity of His being sent, and the nature of that salvation which He has bought by His own blood.

Get wisdom – consider this as chief objective.

You will “get” a lot of things in life, but let this acquisition be your chief property. While you are passing through things temporal, do not lose those things which are eternal; and, while diligent in business, be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.

Get understanding – Do not be contented with the lessons of wisdom merely; do not be satisfied with having a sound religious creed; devils believe and tremble; but see that you properly comprehend all that you have learnt; and see that you rightly apply all that you have been taught.

Wisdom prescribes the best end, and the means best calculated for its attainment. Understanding directs to the ways, times, places, and opportunities of practicing the lessons of wisdom. Wisdom points out the thing requisite; understanding sees to the accomplishment and attainment. Wisdom sees; but understanding feels. One discovers, the other possesses.

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