How does more honour sound along with prosperity?

Okay, the photo here does no justice to this blog – couldn’t find one that fit both honour and prosperity – weird.

Harder still is to understand the difference between honour and prosperity.

Honour or increasing one’s honour comes from experiencing great trials, not alone mind you, but with friends and followers, meaning that you suffered with them and through them.  Our severest trials often are those which affect our friends.

In the midst of all of this, there is an assurance that these troubles would pass away, and that we would see a brighter day.  We believe that God will raise us up, place us in a place of happiness and safety.

But understand this, God not only wants to restore us to our former condition, but enlarge and do still greater things for us.

As we were surrounded with afflictions, so shall we be surrounded with comfort – from above, from all around, light will dispel our gloom; the change will be great, even so come Lord Jesus quickly.


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