Don’t leave out the salt!

Salt makes food savoury, but more importantly, preserves it from putrefaction.

Arabs are said to retain in common use the expression, “a covenant of salt;” and the respect they pay to bread and salt in their rites of hospitality is well-known.

In spiritual terms, it symbolizes the imperishable love of God for His people.

It was called the salt of the covenant of God, because as salt is incorruptible, so was the covenant made with Abram, Isaac, Jacob, and the patriarchs, relative to the redemption of the world by the incarnation and death of Jesus Christ.

The writer, Pliny, has left a long chapter on this subject, the seventh of the thirty-first book of his Natural History, here is one extract from that book on salt:

“So essentially necessary is salt that without it human life cannot be preserved: and even the pleasures and endowments of the mind are expressed by it; the delights of life, repose, and the highest mental serenity, are expressed by no other term than sales among the Latins. It has also been applied to designate the honorable rewards given to soldiers, which are called salarii or salaries. But its importance may be farther understood by its use in sacred things, as no sacrifice was offered to the gods without the salt cake.”

Salt was so important that in the Temple, there was a room called, The Salt Room.

Today salt signifies the purity of the mind and the sincerity of grace, a testimony of our communion with God as part of our worship.  a great symbol of friendship in all nations because it represented the perpetuity of God’s covenant with us. As salt was indispensable to render sacrifices acceptable to God, so the Gospel, brought home to the hearts of people by the Holy Ghost, an indispensable requisite to offering up of ourselves as a living sacrifice.

Today, Christianity is the salt of the earth.

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