How can you understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God?

The conditions coming to this place in my journey are few and probably come with some shade of distinct meaning.  It involves in not receiving only, but includes hiding or treasuring – not only involves the ear, but the heart – not just a mere cry but the eager lifting up the voice.

1.  Accept God’s Word

The Gospel, relating to the person, office and grace of Christ, and salvation by Him; the Words of peace, pardon, righteousness and life; which are to be received, not as the word of a person but as the Word of God.

2. Treasure God’s Word

The idea is to hide them in your heart, and then act from them through the medium of your affections.  If I have a rule that my duty is only to my Bible and in my head, I am not likely to be a steady, consistent character because my heart is not engaged and my obedience can only be forced or done from a sense of duty – not the obedience of a loving, dutiful child to an affectionate Father.

But if I have the Word of God in my heart, and I work from my heart, my heart goes with me in all things and I delight to do the will of my heavenly Father, because His Word is in my heart.

3.  Give your ear to God’s Word

God’s Word is Wisdom – Christ is Wisdom – if I lend my ear to Him, to the Gospel, it produces within me a divine wisdom.  Education could never have given me this wisdom and when it is opposed, there is a glorious display of the wisdom of God, in the justification and salvation that comes by Christ.  It is therefore worth listening to with the greatest of attention.

4. Apply your heart to understanding God’s Word

Can I say to a spiritual and experimental understanding of the Gospel, and the truths in it?  Again if I give the ear to it only, leaving out the workings of my heart which brings out the passions of my mind for a desire after knowledge, it will be of little significance.  For a hypocrite my look like they are giving great attention and show much affection and yet their heart is after the things of this world.

5. Pray

Fervently I pray that I may attend to the ministry of the Word and I cry to God to give me the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of diving and spiritual things because I want it, have a healthy desire for it, having some apprehension of the worth and value of it; and if it is to be had, as there is indeed great reason to hope for and expect it – then I want it.

6. Cry

For an understanding of the Gospel and the mysteries of it, which I do  not naturally understand and for which there must be an understanding given.  May my eyes of understanding be enlightened, Jesus, by Your spirit and grace, you must open the understanding, that I might understand these things and that You may grant this to all who lift up their voice to You in prayer for it.

7. Look at the Word as if it were Silver

How do we seek money? What will we not do to get rich? Can we take that same energy and instead seek the salvation of our soul in as much earnest and desire as a person who seeks wealth? Lord forgive me if I am less in earnest for true riches than after perishing wealth.

So I will seek after wisdom, knowledge, and understanding; wisdom, Jesus, the Gospel, a spiritual and experimental knowledge and understanding and the truth found in the Word of God which are desirable and valuable as silver – and more so – for compared to silver, wisdom is to be preferred for its purity, solidity and duration.    Therefore I will seek after wisdom with as much or more eagerness, affection, and diligence, as those who seek after silver.

8. Hide the Word of God

As in hiding treasures that are concealed in the earth or caves – treat the Word as precious metals or precious stones.

There is a great story from Brazil that illustrates this beautifully I think –  in Brazil slaves are employed to scrape up the soil from the bed of the Rio Janeiro, and wash it carefully, in order to find particles of gold and diamonds; and it is a law of the state, that he who finds a diamond of so many carats shall have his freedom. This causes the greatest ardor and diligence in searching, washing out the soil, picking, etc., in order to find such diamonds, and the greatest anxiety for success; so precious is liberty to the human heart.

Those who earnestly seek divine wisdom, will never complain that they have lost their labour; and the freeness of the gift does not do away the necessity of our diligence, so let us seek, and we shall find it; let us ask, and it shall be given to us.

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