Come and see; Come and hear

Come and see….the works of God.

Come and see what God has done and is doing; come and learn from this what He is; and let your hearts in view of all this, be excited to gratitude and praise.

God is delivering His people from their bondage. His acts are suited to inspire awe.

Let every person lay God’s wonderful dealings with us to heart.

Of the Messiah, God manifest in the flesh; those divine works which He did when here on earth; His miraculous works, which were proofs of His deity and Messiahship; his preaching the Gospel, in so divine a manner as never man did; His works of obedience to the law, which were pure and perfect; the everlasting righteousness He wrought out for the justification of His people; and the great work of redemption and salvation finished by Him, which none but God could ever have effected.

This is an invitation to the inhabitants of all lands, where the Gospel should come with power, to take notice of and consider these works of Christ, and the glory of His might, wisdom, and grace in them, in order to engage them to sing His praise.

We still remember the cleaving of the Red Sea and the overthrow of Pharaoh, that are standing wonders, and throughout all time a voice sounds concerning them – “Come and see.” Even till the close of all things, the marvellous works of God at the Red Sea will be the subject of meditation and praise; for, standing on the sea of glass mingled with fire, the triumphal armies of heaven sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb.

For the defence of His church and the overthrow of Her enemies, He deals terrific blows, and strikes the mighty with fear.

This same God still lives, and is to be worshipped with trembling reverence.

The holy church throughout all the world lifts up her voice, to praise that Name which is above every name, to make the praise of Jesus glorious, both by word and deed; that others may be led to glorify Him also. But nothing can bring us to do this aright, unless His effectual grace create their hearts anew to holiness; and in the redemption by the death of Christ, and the glorious deliverances it effects, are more wondrous works than Israel‘s deliverance from Egyptian bondage.

Come and hear…all  you who fear God

In fact, those who are true worshippers of God for the idea of fear or reverence’s output is worship. The call is on all who truly love God and want to hear what He had done, in order that He might be suitably honoured, and that due praise might be given Him.

We do not have such opportunity in most of our churches today, but having an open mic to declare what He hath done for my soul –  delivered from oppression and bondage —

(a) to all that God has done to redeem the soul;

(b) to all that He has done to pardon its guilt;

(c) to all that He has done to give it peace and joy;

(d) to all that He has done to enable it to overcome sin;

(e) to all that He has done to give it comfort in the prospect of death;

(f) to all that He has done to impart thee hope of heaven.

It is right and proper for a joyous heart to call on others to hear what God has done for them;

(a) because honour is due to God;

(b) because the touched heart naturally gives utterance to expressions of gratitude and praise, or wishes to make known the joy derived from pardoned sin, salvation, gifts of love, grace, the receiving of the desires of our heart;

(c) because there is in each of us a strong desire for others to experience this same change in heart and find the same satisfaction and peace with God.

It is the duty of those who have been blessed, to call on others to hear what God has done for them;

(a) because others have the same need of salvation which they have;

(b) because the same salvation is provided for them which has been provided for those who have found peace;

(c) because all are under obligation to make known as far as possible the fact that God has provided salvation and that we all may enjoy peace with God and His abundant blessings.
The person who has no such sense of the mercy of God, which has been manifested toward themselves, as to desire that others may receive the same – who see no such value in the faith which they profess as to have an earnest desire that others may participate of it also – can have no real evidence that their own heart has ever been touched God.

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