Because we had always been on friendly terms

So much can be said on what advantages there are to being friends as opposed to being adversaries.  So much more can be said about being submissive and the advantages of that state in exchange for friendship.  So much more can be said about collaboration and partnership as defining and establishing friendships.  So much more can be said about kingdoms of generations ago who exchanged children’s hands in marriage to establish friendships – okay, maybe we are pushing this a bit…but the point is made.

When I started this small ministry, nine months ago, having served in ministry with World Vision, Canadian Bible Society and Tyndale University & Seminary over the past 25 years, I never realized how many friends I had and how many came to encourage, support, give, and bless the work of my hands.  The trusts I have built with so many came back as a blessing.  Without funds necessary to do my job, gifts came in to support the work – gifts in kind that is – database, website, office furniture, promotional pieces, artwork – an amazing display of God‘s providence in a time of need and a beautiful reminder to me that once I have been blessed, it will be my turn to give again.

And that blessing that friendship creates finds no adversary, no evil instrument to oppose it or to divert it.  There may be forces called upon to hinder this work, but because they have no effect, it is time to be ready and active and to move forward as quickly as possible.  Let God’s promises quicken the pace I need to set, obtain the skill, advantages and volunteer services offered to the interest of Christ‘s kingdom.

If others give, Lord, enable me to give – if I can give, let others give back to me.  May we be friends in the process, benefitting by each others desire to be used as a blessing to each other, that there may be dependence on one another, to the glory of God.





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