During all your travels…

I think I know why Paul wanted us to be praying or learning to pray 24/7.  Paul was aware that unless the presence of God went with him everywhere and he literally could sense His presence, only then did Paul have this amazing confidence to do amazing things that God wanted him to do.

Picking that idea up from the day the tabernacle was put together.

The Lord appeared as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.  They signified a merciful providence and a demonstrative proof of the presence of God.  Even though they messed up often, God never left these tokens of His presence from them until they had finished their journey.

Life begins with the commencement of the World, origin of the nations, populating the earth and then moving into the commencement of the Jewish church, where God defined to the rest of the world who He was and to underscore that nothing and no one, human or diabolic power or policy could ever control or overthrow.

understanding this – that the presence of God is needed in our lives.  For cunning and learned people have argued to render its authority dubious, and its tendency suspicious, whole states and empires have exerted themselves to the uttermost to oppress and destroy it and its professed friends, by their conduct have often betrayed it yet it lives and flourishes in you and I when we submit to, talk with, walk with, almost feel, see and touch His presence each and every day, all day.

Every thing that concerns us is under the direction and management of God. We can possess no sanctifying knowledge, no quickening power but from the presence and influence of His Spirit. By this influence all His followers are taught, enlightened, led, quickened, purified, and built up on their most holy faith; and without the indwelling of His Spirit, light, life, and salvation are impossible.

This amazing presence is necessary, not only for a time, but through all our travels – through every changing scene of God’s leading and through every step in life.  I believe that God’s presence is to be felt, and the fruits of it to appear as fully as the cloud of the Lord by day, and the fire by night, appeared in the sight of all the house of Israel.

Do you have this Spirit of God?  Are all your goings and comings ordered by its continual guidance? Does Christ, possess your  heart by faith? If not, call upon God for that blessing which, for the sake of His Son, He is willing to give to everyone who asks.

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