Sent not from people nor by a person

These days we do not talk a lot about how we are “called” to the purpose and commission of our service.

For myself, in a number of days, I will be in a service where there will be a prayer of dedication for myself in my new role within a ministry.

One thing is for certain – I was not found out by a person, nor did the Board approve me in because of my excellent CV etc.  There was no reason to participate with this ministry other than one specific reason – God called me.  His called enabled me to move forward with confidence even though I lost more than 50% of my salary and 100% of my benefits.

I receive job offeres continually from individuals who mean well and want to see me succeed and move up the corportate ladder and not down.  But that does not compete well against a call.

So I am a minister of the gospel, who has received my call from God, and will now be dedicated and commissioned by my Board in a few days by prayer and the laying on of hands.


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