Since you trust in your deeds and riches….

The greatest concern of all is when God prospers us and we,without even knowing it, begin to trust our works and our wealth and God becomes part of the program instead of the program.

You have a great home, live comfortably in a nice community and you feel safe.  For those reasons and not because you trust in God to keep you safe.

You have a good, maybe even a great job, you have a nice car, maybe two, your home is furnished and upon entry, is pleasant to the eye and you feel fulfilled.  For those reasons and not because you met with God in the morning and were refreshed by Him with words of purpose for the day.

The television received first attention, stock markets next, gardening thereafter, kids stuff, wife stuff, gym time – just no time for God – creaky hinge gets the attention.

Since it is all your money, you plan your holidays, next major purchases, day to day activity does not require a budget becasue you do not need one, God gets some as part of your “deed” package but not the portion required and life goes on – eating , drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.

Soon there is unrepented iniquity, but with enjoyment over a lengthy time of outward prosperity – no worries.  Secure and sensual in prosperity there are no changes in peace or prosperity, hearts and lives are unchanged.

How do we get back to God from here?


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