How you can prosper in all you do and wherever you go

First, be strong.

In other words, do not let discouragement take you down.  It is a common thing and to be expected but understand that you are never alone.  The Lord will provide you with wisdom and counsel, assistance and strength, protection and defence – therefore, be encouraged and be of good courage.

Second, I cannot speak for women, but for men – show yourself to be a man

Having wisdom, understanding, strength in mind regardless of your age.  Govern yourself as if you were a great leader.  Guard yourself against the secret campaigns of some and the open flatteries of others.  Stand when you are afraid of the attempts against your person and your leadership and against any temptation that might find you weak.  Understand, that as a man and as men we make the decision to keep the commands of God, which requires a great amount of strength of mind and of grace knowing that our natural tendencies would do otherwise.

Third, observe what God requires.

1. Walk in His ways, not in your own.

2. Keep His statutes. Consider all His appointments to be holy, just, and good; receive them as such, and conscientiously observe them.

3. Keep His commandments. Whatever He has asked you to do, perform; what He has forbidden you to do, omit.

4. Keep His judgments. What He has determined to be right, is essentially and inherently right; what He has determined to be wrong or evil, is inherently and essentially so. A thing is not good because God has commanded it; a thing is not evil because He has forbidden it. He has commanded the good, because it is in its own nature good and useful; He has forbidden the evil, because it is in its own nature bad and hurtful.

5. Keep His testimonies. Bear witness to all that He has borne witness to.  His testimonies are true; there is no deceit or falsity in them. His testimonies refer also to future good things and good times; they are the significators of coming blessedness: as such, respect them.

Sound impossible – probably why you and I do not know anyone trying to do these three things in order to prosper.  We have found other ways and other definitions of prosperity.  Well, I am trying, but I can tell you I am getting a lot of flack for doing so.  I hope that means I am on the right track.  Hopefully, someday, someone will say that this plan works and somehow, quote me as a man who wanted to boast in God making Him prosperous and successful no matter where he went.

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