Left everything and followed…

Would we ever consider such a thing – leave everything we owned to follow.

For some, that would be leaving a lot – for others, in comparison, not so much.  For some, it would look like a little, but for them, it would still be their home, their livelihood.  Regardless, it would be everything.

I think sometimes that in the back of my mind I ask myself this question all the time.  Let me give you an example.  I believe my family lives in the smallest home in our community.  My wife is embarrassed enough not to invite certain people over.  She wants to move into a bigger home or build an addition to the back.  Either move would make me more committed to the home – what if God called us to leave everything and become missionaries – somewhere – would our hearts be so attached to our new home that we couldn’t leave?  I think you know that I know it would – and if that stopped me from following – why would I engage in such a transaction?

Never mind material things – I think this means family and friends too.

Here is something that will give some theological perspective to this idea —



I also think that it is fair to recognize that this call is especially sent out to business men – again another different element compared to what I mentioned above regarding home, family and friends.

There are two men that I am aware of that sold everything they owned and followed Jesus.

The first was Pat Robertson – most should know that name, a fairly controversial TV evangelist in the States.  However, he felt that God was calling him to do that – and as a successful corporate lawyer, he had lots to sell and then God called him into ministry.

The other was a book I just read last year of a successful businessman in Kenya, Charles Mully.  God also asked him to sell his nine businesses and follow Him.  He too answered the call and is also still serving in ministry today with the Charles Mully Foundation.

It has been done. would I do it – I pray that I could and pray for the grace of God to sustain.

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