I will consecrate…

This is an encouraging word.

It is coming closer to our first annual meeting with me being in the role of Executive Director.  Normally, this would be the time where the leadership team would call together people to come and celebrate but also to set me aside, through prayer and sometimes a call given, so that I may serve in my capacity, under the blessing of the leadership and supporters and under the anointing of the Lord.

Personally, I love the idea of anointing – I believe that the Holy Spirit is actually engaged in the anointing process and that it is not just symbolic.

Unfortunately for me, things just do not happen that way.

When my son was born, OT legality deemed him to be the first male to open the womb and I knew that he was going to be special and I asked our pastor to pray and anoint my son and give him to the Lord – he said that he didn’t believe in that.  Today, as we gather for our annual event in a couple of weeks, I asked the chair of the Board to engage in offering a prayer of dedication for me.  He declined and said that would be the role of my pastor.  Being in a new church for the past year, I met with the pastor – he was uncomfortable anointing, uncomfortable dedicating and uncomfortable coming and praying.

Then I read this note – that God will consecrate.  I knew that but thought there was a need for a go-between and then I was thinking that I was offering – but I have it all wrong.  God calls, God consecrates, God has a plan, I yield to His plan, I bow my knee to Him to serve and He consecrates and I then rise, follow Him, in the power and might of His Holy Spirit, for His Will and Plan to accomplish – my only purpose in this life.

Wow, what a relief – no more pressure, no more expectations on our human world to get involved.

Now I remember what happened with my son – by the way, he is called Andrew – a direct reflection on the first evangelist in the Bible and the name of one of my favourite missionaries – Brother Andrew with Open Doors – a Dutch Bible smuggler.  When I held him for the first time in my arms, I dedicated him to the Lord as his father.  I can swear, won’t, but I could, that I felt God’s anointing go through me into my son and for the next 20 minutes I was amazed as the Holy Spirit filled my son with the glory of God.

When I stand before the annual meeting in a couple of weeks with no support team, I am going to pray and ask God to consecrate me – I am going to ask Him to make me the type of leader He wants me to be – to open and close doors for me, to fill me each morning as I give myself to Him in worship and devotion – something encourages me today that God will consecrate me – Lord, enable me to yield, be flexible to your calling, listen with discernment and trust You in everything – that others will see that you have consecrated me.  I love you.

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