you will escape with your life because you trust me…

You know that blessings come our way as a direct result of us doing what is right.  Most of the time this gifts come to us unexpected and in 99% of the testimonies you will hear, they are unlooked-for.

It is so easy to trust in people – church leaders, friends, family – and it is sometimes easier to follow them than God.  Yet, there is no blessing in that.  Honouring God, sharing His Word, becoming an intercessor makes you very valuable in the eyes of God and your life has much more importance to it then you can imagine and you are blessed as a result.  Since you put your trust in the living God, wherever you go, you will be safe and have nothing to fear except God Himself.

Those who trust God in the way of duty will find that their hope shall not fail in times of the greatest danger.

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