I will sing and make music

Did you ever think that one of the defining expressions of success was to sing and make music?

The criteria are always similar though – and in this case – with trouble, consistent, not going away trouble a decision has to be made.  And the decision was to…be fixed, prepare, stand erect, establish, strengthen, to be firm, steady as she goes, constant, decided, not wavering in purpose, not leaning to one side and then moving to the other and any other possible expression that I have missed…put my confidence in God, not doubt His justice, His goodness, His mercy, and to express all that confidence in praise.  In fact, to be “resolved” to praise.

Wow, there is some emphasis there and some intensity of expression. As I write, I have a situation in my mind, and a song in my heart (Laura’s song) and I have to be careful not to cry, sensing the presence of God as I write.  I know He loves it when I write about Him, who He is, His character being expressed in written form.

And so I will sing and give praise – my heart will confide in You; my lips will speak in the language of praise. In all my troubles, God, you were my refuge; in everything I can find an occasion for praise. So each day, I will fix and settle, with purpose in my heart, that I will at all times confide in God, and that in every situation in life, I will render Him praise.

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